Friday, October 11, 2013


Hi, Assalamualaikum,
So about the post i wrote the other day umm ive deleted it bcs maybe i was too emotional that time haha. Well i actually am a very sensitive person ya knoww haha. But it isnt like all the time. Tengok la mood macam mana kan.

The final exam has started yesterday. Todays paper was english and ugh. Susah jugak laaa i wanna cry but ha ha i lied. I dont care laa at least ive done my best kan so just wait for the results la kan. Whatever it is, spm is more important laa kan kan kan. Okay so the next paper will be sejarah! Ive only read a chapter je and only 5days are left for me to cover all the other chapters. Whuuuuut? Nvm my own fault pun i didnt focus kot while teachers teaching. The perks of sitting at the back of the class : i can secretly take lots of pictures with siah's camera during sejarah period. yupp thats what i did lol.

Okay lets hve a talk about feelings haha i already sound macam jiwang2. What happened to me? Thats a secret :) But sometimes i dont know what to feel. This someone has made me feel angry sad and happy at the same time. Yeah whatever. At least now ive learned not to fall for anyone too easily. Okay bye

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