Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Random post

Okay first sekali, exam is over! wuwuwuwu i shouldnt be feeling this relieved bcs i cant really tell u if i can get an A pun. yea but still hoping for the best. Haha funny how i was waiting for the bell to ring i couldnt wait to be free! (lah sangat) ok for a month. Bcs next year i'll be 17 which means spm awaits me ayooo. And that is why i really wanna enjoy this moment before i get so busy and stressed haha hope taklah stress kan. Stdying shouldnt be stressful right so chill hiuhiu

I'd been planning on what to do to luangkan masa sebulan lebih kurang ni already. I wanna watch moviess but sadly there's nothing interesting lagi dekat wayang. What? Thor? Kl gangster? Sorry im not into those kind of movies. Ive been waiting for hunger games but seems like it takes forever. Eh ke dah ada kat wayang eh? haha ntah lah, See! Clearly shows that i hadnt been to cinemas for centuries! Ok melebih.

I wanna talk about this something. Im sure all of u have someone who inspires u kan. Macam someone famous on twitter ke or could be your own bestfriend kan! Anyone. Yea same goes to me. I inspire some girls that i follow on instagram. Okay one of them ni, she's like aaa so beautiful and i love the way she dresses up, covers her aurah perfectly. She knows how to mix and match her outfits and yeaa haha. I know i talk about random topics but who cares ahaha ok thats all for now. bye :)

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