Friday, November 8, 2013

School Trip?

How fast time flies its already november now. and next week i got another 2 days of school and... holidays!
Its not that exciting actually bcs the thoughts that i will not be seeing my seniors anymore after this, is quite sad. You know, I dont want people to leave i hope i can still see them every single day when i go to school but aha im living in reality. Eventhough theres like just a few form5s that im close with, i still wanna remember all of them. Okay stops till here.

The other day, i went on a school trip to Pusat Sains Negara. We, form4s and form3s joined lah trip tu bcs kitorang free from exam kan. Id never been there before, and best la jugak tempat tu. But, aku still wish yg sekolah buat trip pergi petrosains ke aquaria ke after this. Sambil jalan boleh shopping haha. Something embarrassing  happened to me! haha ok aku main satu benda ni pusing2 and aku jatuh! hahaha serious malu.
Nasib baik ada sorang ni she helped me and now i adore her, really! haha

Thats all, bye!

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