Friday, February 7, 2014

First post in 2014

wow the last time i went here was on november and now its already feb 2014! Cepat kan tulah pepatah melayu kata masa itu emas so use your time wisely heheh nasihat untk diri sendiri sebenarnya. Sekolah pun dah sebulan berlalu and pejam celik tetiba dah spm! honestly i cant wait to sit for spm hah not bcs im ready, tapi sebab i cant wait to finish school. And i believe most of my friends think the same way too huhu.

Okay i dont wanna talk abt that. Lets talk about... aha someone. This someone is a secret well of course i aint gonna tell u what his name is. The other day i saw him in front of my school. Aku tengah saje la mmg routine balik sekolah pergi public phne dpn sekola and then my friend tetiba kata nampak dia. I was like ha mana?!  u dont know how excited i was as i hadnt seen him for so long! berbulan bulan. I was really hoping that he would come and meet me and maybe we could talk for a while but haih. mybe he was shy and i was too. I hope to see him again next time and mybe dia tegur aku masa tu hehe.

And thats all, bye

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