Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Spm is over

Haha i cant believe this i reaaally cant believe this. Guess what? SPM is over! and im no longer a school student and im not so sure what i feel. I dont feel a thing pun haha pelik i thought id be happy bcs i can sleep all day long and go shopping kashing kashing whenever i want. or feel sad bcs ill not be seeing my classmates and those familiar faces in school anymore. But i dont know im neutral right now. Maybe ill start to miss school a couple of weeks from now huhu

I hve so many plans on what to do after spm haha not sure if im gonna make them happen. First is to learn cooking from my nanny shes a good cook i wanna cook like how she cooks haha. Honestly, nasi goreng pun taktau masak hm i rarely help her in da kitchen you know i prefer to lock myself up in da room and lying on bed and stalk random people on instagram such a waste of time i know but its so addictive! kdg2 rasa nak guna phone lek lek je takda internet tu

Thats only one thing i plan, theres a lot more but i dont feel like writing right now my fingers are tired haha sorry bye see you when i see you tata

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