Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What my life is like these days

How are you guys doingggg haha joke i know nobodys here so let me just babble about everything i feel like writing ok so hi again. The latest post i told you how excited i was to be starting my holidays. But its different now! i just cant wait to become a student again because ive been mereput-ing at home these few months. The blame is on me anyway for being so lazy to find a part time job or at least do something productive ke kan macam kemas bilik ke (which is never tidy bcs i dont know), help mama with doing house chores ke and so on but i'd like to do none of them. Miracle happens sometimes when i get extra rajin ke when i feel like being a good daughter ke but that rarely happens hahah k

So last Tuesday i had received my spm result and all i could say is im so grateful and thankful. Its beyond my expectations and honestly i really dont deserve this tapi rezeki Allah kan. Alhamdulillah. But whats more important now is to choose the path im really interested in and and and always remember that things are gonna get tougher kan apa pun have faith in Allah hihi.

Apart from that, i was soooo happy to be seeing my friends again! The ones that  i met every single day at school. The ones that i talked nonsense to, that made me go all excited and relieved sebab sama sama tak siap homework, that i shared my bekal with, that made me forget my problems for awhile when they got me laughing so hard, that i'll look to when in need of some good advices, theyre the ones that im gonna miss. I'm gonna miss them haih. In 40 years to come i hope we're still keeping in touch with each other and our grandchilds can be bestfriends haha.

Guess ive written too much hehe see you when i see you

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