Monday, May 4, 2015

Hey just stopping by

Im doing good here hehe. I have a topic to talk about. You know sometimes we get sad and seconds later we get really really sad but then suddenly we are smiling again. Thats life. There was  a time when i got so emotional and i could just cry easily. I wasnt that cengeng kinda girl pun. And until one point simple and small things could change my mood the  whole day.

But, I realised that no matter how sad we feel, there's always Allah to listen to your stories, to listen to your disappointments. And there'll always be Him to ask for everything we wish for. I keep reminding myself this because umm we're just humans and there's nothing we can do kan if its not with His permissions. Whatever trouble you got yourself into, or how gloomy your days are, talk to Allah and ask for His help. InshaAllah we'll find out the solutions and become happy again hihi.

Thats all, bye

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