Thursday, June 18, 2015

Adapting to new environment

Its been months hahah so sorry I was too lazy to think of anything to blog. Actually, good stories don't have to be forced to come out, it's just there and you suddenly find yourself writing non stop.

Since the last 3 weeks, I had started a new life yeaaa as a student again in UKM. I was so  excited at first because who could stand staying home and did nothing for too long. But now Im wishing for holidays to come faster. I can say that getting nearer to Friday is my motivation to get through the week everyday haha funny kan. Taklah sangat because i believe everyone thinks the same. My life right now is super hectic. Homework, assignments, quizzes, revision and so on but i know i shouldn't complain bcs this is my journey kan huhuhu so accept and get along with it with wholeheartedly. Anyway, I'll get used to this soon inshaAllah !

Tau tak, finding new friends was one of the things that atressed me out at first. Hahah over gila sampai stress but im not joking. It was so hard at the beginning bcs just so you know, im an introvert. I don't really like being in a big group of people, i don't really like chit chatting with strangers bcs don't know what to talk about haha i was bored of asking the same questions over and over again. Nama apa? Asal mana? Ulang benda sama. Im that kind of person but once im comfortable with you, im not gonna stop annoying you huhu ok tipu sikit.

However, im sooo grateful that at least, there is a few persons that i can show my true colours to and one of them is my own roommate! I think we have a lot in common haha like when one of us does something weird, the other will join huhu im glad i get to know her. At least one person who layan my pelik and tahpape jokes yay. Okay that's all i guess i need to get ready for berbuka later. Oh and today's the first day of fasting macam cepat sangat masa berlalu kan. I cant believe it either. Selamat Berpuasa semua! and good evening :)

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