Saturday, December 26, 2015

One saturday evening

Hi Assalamualaikum,

I cant really accept the fact that my cuti is almost habis and tomorrow I'll have to go back to Ukm. So much time has been wasted bcs i didnt really do anything productive. I even listed things and homework that need to be done before going back but none of them is completed.. Macam dunno which one to do first and end up doing nothing haha.

Anyway, whats good about today is ive found my motivation for the moment hehe yay. I was waching tv just now and ada this petronas advertisement, its about sponsorship i guess and this person was asked, why did he look for the students and not the students who search for the opportunity themselves, he said bcs years ago he was also like that, belum ada hala tuju.  Lepastu i feel touched sebab thats exactly what im feeling right now. At this moment, i still havent really found my passion but what i know is i like bio and chemistry. and physics sikit. I felt kinda relieved bcs inshaAllah aku jumpa hala tuju juga one day.

Okay la bye :)

 This is my view right now hehehe 

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