Sunday, January 24, 2016

24 January 2016

Hi Assalamualaikum
I wanna write something here but since nothing interesting happens today ( sebab kena balik ukm satgi hm ) im gonna write about what i did yesterday.

Someone came all the way from shah alam to bring me out huhu. We went to rsmy cheese naan tu sebab dia ni dah lama teringin kan? haha. Since dah petang so we went to tasik titiwangsa afterwards to have a walk in da park gitew. The weather was fine hehe Alhamdulillah. So windy and calming.
A picture is worth a thousand words kan?

We had coconut ice cweaam peacefully (before lalat-sort-of kumbang datang main main atas kepala lol lawak)

So breathtaking kan the view? :)

Thank you for coming yaaa! 

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