Saturday, January 30, 2016

What a long day

Today was a very very long (because i dont sleep tonight) and tiring day. These past few days have been a hectic ones because of the kerja that needs to be submitted this week. Penat jugak lah but no worries tadahal. Esok pun ada kerja kena hantar tapi lek tak siap lagi. Ugh izzaaa why la suka sangat procrastiate. Pastu sekarang baru nak menyesal. Pastu bila dah menyesal pun still buat kerja lain macam what im doing now. Ugh cuti please come faster.

Anyway, ive learned how to buat kek batik from ry! Hehehe today's achievement. Its suuuuuper easy and i think everyone knows how to do it but izza. Hahah k tak lawak. This morning i woke up around 9 am, got ready and went back to kl before ry picked me up at lrt setiawangsa, We had our lunch at jj au2 tu and i had nasi ayam penyet. Lamanya tak makan so sedap. Ry bought herself shawls and some stuffs while i only got myself food. Perut kenyang hati senang kan huhuhu.

After that, we straight away went to her house and rehat jap before buat kek tu. I just couldnt wait to hve a taste of it tomorrow la pasal macam sedap gila :( Sebab bangga sikit kot. Malam around 9 i got home and thats the story of whats been happening today, But now i have a report to be done nak kena hantar esok so thats all bubye

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