Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Aspi survivor yay

Hi Assalamualaikum
Time waits for no man. Life in Aspi has been very fast and i couldnt believe i have finished my foundation studies. and im at home now. on my bed now. I remember my first few days in aspi. They were okay until classes start and there goes the assignments quizzes and all until one point i thought i couldnt bear those things and i did nothing but cried hahaha like a comel baby. Friday is my motivation to go thru the week sebab every weekend selagi boleh balik, i'll go back home.

Time to time, i started to realize the good things aspi offered. I found understanding friends, the ones who cheered up my days, who laughed at my hambar jokes, who ajar me bcs im a bit slow in studying. Second semester has been a lot stress-free compared to semester 1 for me. Ke sama je eh haha entah lah. But going to classes was more fun in the 2nd semester. Here, i saw and went thru many things that gave me life lessons. Bukan semata-mata belajar je, tapi macam-macam lah. I learnt a lot from my surroundings and they shape me who i am today.

10 months in aspi was like a roller coaster ride. I laughed a lot, cried a lot, stressed out a lot, termenung a lot, and tidur a lot too k. Tapi apa pun im soooo grateful to have experienced this phase and i have no regrets choosing aspi in the first place. No regrets at all.

 Makan berdulang during the orientation week
 Safarah and Mirah Ainah Im gonna miss you two :(
 Jamuan rayaa in aspi

In 10 years to come I hope we're all happy with what we're doing. Thank you for everything, till we meet again :)

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