Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I am currently at bilik tv right now, just finished writing my reaction paper that's due tomorrow. Yaaa izza always procrastinates. There's so many people in here tonight but I just don't feel like joining them chatting so i just sit there on the sofa and just minding my own business. Tapi panas so duduk lantai pulok lol.

I had this kind of thought sometimes. Is it okay to not have close friends beside you? Is it normal to be friends with everyone without having to get attached to anyone? There are times when I hate being alone but there are times when I feel suffocated being surrounded by a lot of people. Even I don't understand myself haha. Im not too worried because i know i still have bestfriends even if we're far from each other now. Maybe we need to have some time alone without feeling lonely kan?

I have started to realize that some things don't always stay the same forever kot. You met this person one day, talked and got closed for a while but a day after, things aren't the same anymore. I have been through this and I had left people too before. But i believe every person that comes into your life will give you lessons to learn. People have the rights to do the things they want to. Maybe we need to get used to it and keep in mind that there are reasons behind every singe thing that happens. Just treat people nicely without expecting the same in return.

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