Monday, June 27, 2016


Today i sent irham off to school. I stopped by the roadside opposite the school entrance and watched students crossed the road. I couldnt help but to imagine myself crossing the road like i did  every morning years ago. I remember the situations, when i was always late walaupun i thought i left home earlier than yesterday, the meeting sarah and mimi during assembly, the kuku panjang stokin tak pakai spot checks. Rinduuuuuu

I miss having sarah and mimi to rant on every each of my problems to. I miss laughing so hard, got all gelabah when teachers told us to submit our 'never done' homework. Went to mimi's after school and nap for as long as we could (lepastu lambat pergi tuition) lol. I miss all of it. Those are probably the best days of my life.

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