Friday, July 15, 2016

Trip to Bangkok

My family and I went for a vacation in Bangkok recently, on the 3rd until the 6th day of rayaa hehe. We came back finally after like 9 years i guess? I was kinda proud of my memory because there were some places that i could still recall. Like the jj mall and this one kedai makan yang sedaaaap sangat tomyam dia i felt like crying hahah k over. 

Ni jj mall tu. Jj comes from the Jatujak which is nama tempat ni. Dekat sebelah mall ni ada area besar untuk banyak stall jual all sorts of stuff. Souvenir semua can be bought here. I bought mirul uhmmmmmm a bracelet yang taktau dia pakai ke tak tapi wajibbbbb simpan leklok na. And for my friends, i bought something like a pouch (with such cute patterns hihih) can put little things inside like barang skincare when u go travelling. 

This was on the second day, madam tussauds. I was so excited to see my boys thereee. I tried to sit next to zayn but tangan dia tu kacau hish. I couldnt help myself from imagining what this place would be like at night. Bila lampu semua dah switched off lol seram 

Ni dekat Mekong River. Pun ada banyak small shops jual barang barang. Pemandangan cantik, pastu bulan terang pulak kan lagilah cantik sangat.

Meet my travel buddy since 2008 i guess? Najwa :)
One thing i like most about being in bangkok is, the food of course. So flavorful i gained some weights heree (all bcs of the tomyam and thai iced tea huhu) 

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