Sunday, August 7, 2016

Current obsession

Hi semua good afternoon :)

Heeee i currently have an obsession with scented candles hahah call me weirdddd. Im not. I dont know why but i started to collect candles last month. I usually light up my candle when im relaxing in my room. Or sometimes when i go watch tv and come back to the pleasant smell of my room aaa that gives me chill.

This one smells like peach hihi and im using it right now

I tagged along with my parents yesterday to ikea. And i was already planning on buying candles there. And look what i bought heee okay sorry my baba paid for it not me huhuhuu

Orange, apple and vanilla flavoured candles. These dont cost much. The price for one is rm5.90 which i think is worth it. I have seen candles with the similar size harga dia rm78 mahal gila  

This is the one i like most. My all time favorite scent goes tooooo vanilla! I love the creamy and sweet scent sooo muchieee hehehe 

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