Sunday, October 16, 2016

what a day

Today i woke up very early, at least earlier than usual because theres something to be done. Mirul called at around 730 and i didnt fall back asleep not bcs i wasnt sleepy, but i thought that something was quite a penting task. At 830 seha and i were already waiting for jomtumpang to come fetch us. It'd be much easier if we drove ourselves, save duit pun ya, save masa pun ya. Tapi apa nak buat huhu.

We went to pasar tani and its not even a 10 minutes drive to get there tapi tambang dia rm9. i knew about the price already even before requesting a ride but to think twice about that, thats really pricey. But maybe pricier to get a taxi and again, apa nak buat huhu

Then we straightly bought the things that we wanted to buy pastu dah habis semua beli some foods to isi perut. Bila nak balik pun rm 9 lagi hmmm. Lepastu okay lah macam lesson learnt la lepasni takyah la naik lagi kalau setakat nak pergi dekat dekat. Then dah mcm relax kitorang pun potong la buah tau nak letak jual dekat area perpustakaan. Aku pergi ptsl and seha balik bilik lepastu

And then.....
I came back excited only to know that the money was stolen. Surprised gila and i didnt know if i wanted to cry sebab cam i never expect people to be that rude.. Ingatkan dekat uni ni adalah ilmu sikit nak beza baik buruk. Sukati kau lah asal kau bahagia dapat berapa ringgit tu hhahahahahha okbye

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