Thursday, January 19, 2017

What my 1st sem break is like

Hi Assalamualaikum

I hope all of you are doing just fine. It's still very early now and i seldomly wake up this early and not going to sleep back. Maybe because i feel bored waking up at 12 everyday so why not?? huhuhu

I dont have much things to write here but i kinda miss writing. Uhm so today is already the 20th of January. Oh oh i am on my semester break now and it'll only be for like 3 weeks je and  1 week has passed haha. Currently enjoying my holidays eventho i can say that i havent really done anything interesting?? But so far my days have been good i and i was just doing regular routines like going to rumah nenek to eat lunch, send irham to tuition, got back home at night and just watching movies huhu stuff like that.

I also have no plans at all on what to do. Like some people might have listed down their plans during cuti but i dont know hahah. But the other day i tried making bread pudding for the first time and i would say that it was a...uhmm just satisfying but not satisfying enough? ok i was actually not satisfied with the end product hahah tapi it was my first time so okay la tapi the steps and ingredients are very simple?! I might want to make some again one fine day hahaha oh but next time i am thinking of making some mango cheesecake hihihi.

Okay i got to go now, see you soooooon

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